Dangerous Pleasures
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Dangerous Pleasures

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A precious, handmade perfume of a scent so intoxicating that the Victorians believed it could induce spontaneous orgasms in young, impressionable women. A velvety and voluptuous floral, our organic tuberose is blended with naturally aphrodisiac evening primrose to soften and round the sharp floral notes.

How To Use
Sizing + Details

Appx 1/2 oz
Ingredients: organic tuberose absolute, organic evening primrose.
All ingredients are organic.
Hand blown glass bottle with dropper. Shipped wax and cork sealed.
Bottles are handmade in the USA.
Store in a dry place away from heat and direct sunlight.


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Dangerous Pleasures
Dangerous Pleasures
Dangerous Pleasures
Dangerous Pleasures

Dangerous Pleasures

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A drop or two is used on the wrist or behind the ear as a natural perfume.

1-2 drops in Organic Sonoran Jojoba Oil for a naturally aphrodisiac allover body oil, hair shine and de-frizz, or massage oil.