Ambatalia Cloth Bowl Covers
Made of Natural Materials in CA

Ambatalia Cloth Bowl Covers

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Set of 5 linen dish covers designed as an alternative to single use disposables and plastic wraps. Each elastic cover is made of sustainably-farmed 100% unbleached Russian linen, lined with American grown organic cotton. Perfect for covering pies, casseroles, soups, salads, vegetables and more.

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Sizing + Details

5 pieces of various sizes, the largest one fits a pie plate or casserole.


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Ambatalia Cloth Bowl Covers
Ambatalia Cloth Bowl Covers
Ambatalia Cloth Bowl Covers


Ambatalia was started in Mill Valley, CA in 2004 and began as a fabric store focused on environmentally sustainable textiles. A few years later founder Molly de Vries expanded that concept into an environmentally focused textile goods company. Around the world, plastic pollution has become a growing plague- clogging our waterways, damaging marine ecosystems, and entering the marine food web. Ambatalia strives to be part of the solution by creating lovely and natural products designed to replace single use disposables that go along with buying food and other daily necessities. All Ambatalia textiles are proudly made in the San Francisco Bay area.