Botnia Fix-Zit Spot Treatment Mask
Science Driven Skincare From CA

Botnia Fix-Zit Spot Treatment Mask

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Botnia Fix-Zit is a powerful, antibacterial, zit-killing spot treatment mask. Made with powdered sulfur and soothing oatmeal it targets bacteria and other microbes while fighting inflammation and irritation, destroying zits, and delivering a dose of extra nourishment to the skin.

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Use sparingly and only as a spot treatment. Apply to freshly cleansed skin. Mix equal parts mask and water and apply directly to pimple or pustule. Let sit for 15 minutes and rinse clean. *DO NOT USE ALLOVER FACE
Ingredients: A special blend of colloidal oatmeal (gluten free) and colloidal sulfur.
4 oz


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Botnia Fix-Zit Spot Treatment Mask
Botnia Fix-Zit Spot Treatment Mask
Botnia Fix-Zit Spot Treatment Mask


Botnia is a luxury, science-driven skin care line handmade in Sausalito CA. Founded by esthetician and owner of the Skin Remedy Spa in San Francisco, Justine Kahn developed her organic, plant-based formulas throughout years of helping clients tailor individual programs to address their various skin issues. Kahn found that available skin care lines were too all-purpose, trying to be for “all” skin types, and that they very often contained harsh and irritating ingredients contrary to healing. She wanted something with minimal ingredients, using the finest organic, raw, and fresh botanicals available, but that was also based on the scientific interactions of these plant-based ingredients. Teaming up with Clayton Coker, a Stanford-trained biologist who worked as a plant biologist at the Carnegie Institution For Science, Kahn came at her line from a different perspective. Skin care that doesn’t just smell good and feel nice but a line with ingredient combinations that penetrate and are effective and healing from a scientific perspective. Each product is handmade in the Botnia laboratory using ingredients procured from local small farmers, co-operatives, wild-crafters, and their own garden.