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Bottega Organica 100% Extra-Virgin Olive Oil Hair Soap
Natural Low Waste Shampoo

Bottega Organica 100% Extra-Virgin Olive Oil Hair Soap

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A wonderful, plastic-free alternative to bottled shampoo, Bottega Organica hair soap is a bar of gentle lavender essential oil, vitamin rich extra-virgin olive oil, grape leaf extract and golden and prawn sage that purifies the scalp and enhances hairs natural radiance. Also a wonderful makeup removing and anti-aging facial bar.

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3.3 oz bar
Directions: Lather hands with soap and apply to hair and scalp. Work through as you would any shampoo and rinse thoroughly.
Ingredients: Olea europea (olive) fruit oil, aqua (water), sodium hydroxide (lye), potassium hydroxide (lye), lavandula hybrida (lavender) flower oil*, lavandula officinalis (lavender*) flower extract, salvia haenkei (sage) extract, vitis vinifera (grape) leaf extract, linalool.
* certified organic herbs flowers and fruits


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Bottega Organica 100% Extra-Virgin Olive Oil Hair Soap
Bottega Organica 100% Extra-Virgin Olive Oil Hair Soap

Bottega Organica

Bottega Organica was started in 2013 by Dr. Andrea Alimonti, a molecular geneticist who was studying the aging process as a means for cancer-fighting therapies. During the course of his research Dr. Alimonti was ultimately able to identify a handful of plant extracts with intense anti-aging action – prawn sage was by far the most active extract and is the basis for the Bottega skincare line. He started Bottega Organica for people that want to prolong the youth of their skin but only want to use 100% natural ingredients.

All ingredients are harvested and processed naturally from the Bottega Organica farms in Italy and upstate NY – straight from farm to bottle. You won’t find any preservatives, emulsifiers, artificial fragrances, colors or synthetics of any kind.

Bottega donates a minimum of 10% of all profits from sales to organizations involved in cancer cure and prevention.