Creosote Salve
Hand Crafted in Tucson AZ

Creosote Salve

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Sourced by Kindred Black and hand crafted in small batches by herbalist Becki Garza in Tucson AZ. Use creosote salve on abrasions, sun-damaged skin, red scaly patches, scratches and bug bites, itchy feet, and almost anywhere that needs a little TLC.

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Made of wild harvested creosote leaves, flowers and fruit (Larrea tridentata), olive oil, and beeswax. 1 oz tin.


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Creosote Salve balm
Creosote Salve


Creosote is an evergreen shrub, with small waxy leaves, that thrives in desert climates. Known as "la hediondilla" or stinky one, because of its distinctive smell that most Southwesterners say reminds them of the desert in the rain. Early native Americans held beliefs that it treated many maladies, including sexually transmitted diseases, tuberculosis, chicken pox, dysmenorrhea, and snakebite. Aside from its medicinal use, they used it for building material, fiber, tools, weapons, musical instruments, decoration, and to tint tattoos a greenish blue color.