Handwoven Cotton Napkins
Made in Salisbury CT

Handwoven Cotton Napkins

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Handwoven cotton napkins, by Under Mountain Weavers in Salisbury CT. Set of 4.

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Each napkin is approximately 15" x 12".


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Handwoven Cotton Napkins
Handwoven Cotton Napkins
Handwoven Cotton Napkins

Under Mountain Weavers

Eric and Lottie Gerstel started Under Mountain Weavers in Salisbury CT in the early 70's. Years prior, Eric had emigrated from his native Austria when the Nazis annexed the country in March 1938. First relocating in Scotland, he studied textile design and weaving and acquired some of the looms that he would eventually bring to the United States. Once in the United States Eric spent more than 30 years designing woolens for major US retailers, including Brooks Brothers, before retiring and starting Under Mountain Weavers with his wife. Today Eric and Lottie's daughter, Karin Gerstel and her husband Joe Woodard carry on with the business on the same property in Salisbury using some of the same 200 year old looms. They create timeless, colorful and functional woven home goods and accessories using the traditional methods of Karin's Master Weaver father.