La Abeja Herbs Mescal Wishing Beans
Small Batch Beauty from Austin, TX

La Abeja Herbs Mescal Wishing Beans

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Mescal Wishing Beans harvested in Austin, TX. An offering to the earth when you have a dear wish. To make a wish open seedpod and carefully remove the red beans within. Kneeling, dig a shallow hole in the ground and with your face near to the earth, whisper your heart's most sincere desire into the small opening. Lovingly place a single Wishing Bean into the hole and cover it with soil.

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Do not ingest. Keep in a safe place away from
curious children and hungry animals.
Each pack contains 7 (or so) wishing beans still in their pods.


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La Abeja Herbs Mescal Wishing Beans
La Abeja Herbs Mescal Wishing Beans

La Abeja Herbs

La Abeja Herbs is the apothecary of folk healer and Master Herbalist Sophia Rose. Sophia offers regular classes, a host of wildcrafted medicines and apothecary goods, as well as flower essences and herbal wellness consultations. She is also in the final stages of publishing her first book on Solomon's Plume (Maianthemum racemosum).

In the tradition of the Traveling Medicine Show, La Abeja Herbs can often be found on the road, bringing herbal medicine, magic, and lore to places both near and far. Most often the caravan is at home in the Texas Hill Country or in the desert of New Mexico but at present, both the apothecary and its keeper can be found in Austin, just blocks from the Texas State Capitol.