La Curie Perfume Oil No 1
Handmade in Tucson AZ

La Curie Perfume Oil No 1

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Perfume Oil No 1 is the fragrance Lesli Wood first created on her coffee table and the formula has proved so popular that it has never changed. Setting out to make the antithesis to heavy, floral fragrances, Lesli imbued Perfume Oil No 1 with a spicy scent reminiscent of the desert combined with a light, lively fragrance that has a bit of freshness to it. Some bergamot gives it the lemony note and there is an undertone of leather and jasmine. Handmade in small batches in Tucson AZ.

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10 ml roll-on


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La Curie Perfume Oil No 1
La Curie Perfume Oil No 1

La Curie

La Curie is an award-winning, niche fragrance house that blends wistful and extraordinary fragrances in small batches in the Sonoran Desert. Using unexpected ingredients and unusual fusions, perfumer Lesli Wood breaks the rules of traditional fragrance and creates inspired scents for lovers of the unpredictable.