Property Nail

Property Nail

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There is an old superstition about using railroad spikes to "nail your property down". A fairly complicated ritual, involving public urination, we recommend the more symbolic version of this event – a gifted railroad spike for protection of the home. Vintage plated brass railroad spike.

Sizing + Info

7" long
Head is 1.5" wide
Body is 3/4" thick


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Property Nail
Property Nail
Property Nail

The Railroad Spike

Railroad spikes have been used for many years to protect ones property and guard against forcible removal from the home. Those performing this ritual use an anointed iron railroad spike to symbolically nail down the corners of the property. One spike is hammered into the earth at each of the four corners, pounded down until the spike is not visible. In an effort to buy the services of the protecting spirits, coins are placed on top of each spike and then covered in dirt from the grave of a family member. Traditionally each spike is then urinated on as a way to mark one's territory. This can be problematic for most modern suburban households (HELLO new neighbors!), so the method has evolved to use a jar of one's urine that can be poured over each spike.