White Witch Nourishing Face Mask
Organic Ingredients Made in Ireland

White Witch Nourishing Face Mask

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White Witch Nourishing Face Mask is a rich, seaweed based, botanical face mask formulated to deeply nourish and rejuvenate skin and slow the signs of aging. Kelp is the best source of hyaluronicacid, a substance also found naturally in the body that helps to keep skin strong and firm.

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Ingredients: Seaweed, green tea and mint leaves.
Directions: Place a teaspoon of the green powder into the palm of your hand or a small vessel. Add enough warm water to make a smooth paste. Apply allover face and neck and leave for 10-15 minutes (try and relax for best results). Rinse off gently using warm water or a soft face cloth and pat dry. The skin may feel a little tight for up to 20 minutes and this is normal. Resist the temptation to apply a moisturizer at this point. After about 20 minutes the skin's own sebum glands will kick in and your skin will begin to feel amazing.


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White Witch Nourishing Face Mask
White Witch Nourishing Face Mask

White Witch

White Witch is an ethical, organic skincare line from Galway Ireland. Combining the expertise of a doctor trained in Western and herbal medicine and a perfumer with a focus on natural botanicals, White Witch sources quality, local, organic ingredients and personally oversees their harvest to insure that its done in an ethical and sustainable way. They go to great lengths to avoid the use of polluting plastic in their packaging and have come up with the glass and cork alternative as a way to minimize humans footprint on nature.