White Witch Regenerating Skin Balm
Organic Ingredients Made in Ireland

White Witch Regenerating Skin Balm

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A gentle, protective, regenerative balm for all skin types. With a soft herbal scent, this coconut oil based formulation protects the skin's outer layer while regenerating cells and stimulating skin repair. Can be applied directly to blemishes, applied to dull, dry skin before bed to revitalize overnight, dabbed onto winter or summer chapped lips or applied to wind, sun and snow burned cheeks and forehead.

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50 ml
Cruelty Free
Ingredients: Virgin coconut oil, cocoa butter, borage oil, St John's wort oil, copiaba balsam, rosehip seed oil, calendula oil, lavender oil, chamomile oil, propolis, beeswax and honey.


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White Witch Regenerating Skin Balm
White Witch Regenerating Skin Balm

White Witch

White Witch is an ethical, organic skincare line from Galway Ireland. Combining the expertise of a doctor trained in Western and herbal medicine and a perfumer with a focus on natural botanicals, White Witch sources quality, local, organic ingredients and personally oversees their harvest to insure that its done in an ethical and sustainable way. They go to great lengths to avoid the use of polluting plastic in their packaging and have come up with the glass and cork alternative as a way to minimize humans footprint on nature.