It used to be that those of us that wanted our beauty routine to be natural and free of big brand toxins had to compromise with the results that could be achieved. Thankfully all that has changed and there is a new generation of talented and committed makers designing formulas with ingredients that have healed and primped us for thousands of years in ways that not only rival what the corporate beauty companies can do, but can now actually beat them at their own game. First up in today's new apothecary essentials – Jiya Beauty Nourishing Body Oil, a dry, everyday oil made from a blend of organic sweet almond, argan, and macadamia nut oils rich in vitamin E and anti-oxidants to unleash glowing, supple skin.
The Perfect Lip Tint

H is for Love Root & Berry Lip Glacé is a universally flattering and deeply hydrating rose-tinted gloss with color derived from natural roots, berries, and flowers. Gives lips a plump flush of crimson for a more subtle and natural look or can be layered over almost any lipstick color for a bolder look. Keeps lips soft and healthy with a fresh and bracing peppermint scent.

Natural Exfoliant

From the Rio Mayo in Sonora, dried Luffa operculata. The thin skin can be removed to reveal the small scrubbing "sponge" inside. Can be used to slough off dead skin cells for smooth skin (and is also an excellent natural scrubber for pots and pans).

Ultimate Hydration

Botnia Hydrating Serum is a bottled miracle – packed with hyaluronic acid and vitamin B3 to bind water and deliver maximum hydration and a rich dose of vitamins and minerals to skin. Combined with handcrafted botanical rose geranium hydrosols, Hydrating Serum reduces redness and irritation and the extra hydration plumps skin to smooth away fine lines and wrinkles.


In honor of Earth Day and the incredible marches and protests taking place for science and the environment, we're donating 10% of sales this week to the Environmental Defense Fund.

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