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Hello Beautiful

We spoke to Hello Beautiful founder Greer Simpkins about creating the perfect pair of panties, why manufacturing in the U.S. is important, and what she considers the perfect date for Valentine's Day. 


What was the initial inspiration for Hello Beautiful? 

Lookbook image by Hornick Rivlin Studio. Hello Beautiful business card, also Proudly Made In America


Had you ever worked in fashion or in manufacturing before?


How did you come up with your classic design?


 One of the many fittings on the way to a perfect panty


Every detail of the HB panty is considered, from the elastic to the cotton – can you tell us a bit about each? 


How long did it take from the initial idea until you were able to sell your first pair?


What has been the most challenging part of the process?


I think I can, I think I can” Greer in her Studio, photograph by Ranee Palone Flynn


How would you place Hello Beautiful within the current lingerie landscape?


As far as distribution and getting the word out, what hurdles have you had to jump? What surprises have you had?


What’s been the most rewarding part?


A happy customer, Annabelle Dexter-Jones, in her Hello Beautiful!


What’s next for Hello Beautiful?

The walls of my studio are lined with inspirations


Valentine’s Day is coming up – any out-of-the-box ideas for those looking to romance a sweetheart?


 On my mantle, “Return to Love” photograph by Ranee Palone Flynn




All images courtesy of Hello Beautiful. Portrait of Greer by Holly Hinman


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