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Portrait of a Lady

Coco Baudelle


For the first installment of our Portrait of a Lady feature, we talk to Coco Baudelle – NY-based, Montreal born actress / model / style inspiration, and one of the faces from our first campaign. Check back regularly for interviews with the women who inspire us.  



Actress and model


What’s an average day like for you? Is there an average day?

Lots of vintage shopping and reading about films.


Anything you do every morning or night, without fail? 

Kiss my boyfriend.


What’s been the biggest decision you’ve ever had to make and do you think you made the right choice? 

Moving to New York City was the best decision I've ever made.


Do you have a most embarrassing moment you’re willing to tell us about? 

When I met Kanye West he said "I like your shoes", and I replied "Thanks, they're from Zara!". 


Who has been the biggest influence on you as a woman? 

Anybody who's done anything in their teens and twenties. The Stones, Tavi Gevinson, my mom, Lena Dunham.


What woman or women do you admire the most? 

Gloria Steinem has improved the woman condition in such intelligent and fearless ways. I Google her everyday.


Do you have any recurring dreams?  Do you know why you have this dream?

Yes, that one where you lose all your teeth. It's been happening since I lost a tooth chewing gum.


What is your greatest fear? 

Losing all my teeth.


What is your most vivid memory from childhood? 

My friends and I had a treehouse in the woods and it was heaven.


What personal qualities do you most admire?

Lightness of being, confidence, curiosity, hard work and vision.


If someone had never seen you, how would you describe your style to them?  

Teenage Bianca Jagger.


Are you ever insecure about what you wear or is your style so defined that you usually end up in what’s comfortable for you?

It really depends on what's going on in my life. A lot of good things have happened to me when I looked plain or just terrible.


What’s been your favorite project that you’ve ever worked on?

The coolest thing was having a photo of my face shot by my friends Tanya and Zhenya Posternak plastered all over Manhattan for Mansur Gavriel. No one drew anything funny on it. Thanks!!!


Do you have any collections? 

I have a lot of satin and silk robes that I wear as dresses all the time. 


Do you consider yourself social or more introverted?

I wish I told less bad jokes, but I think I'm doing okay.


The holidays are coming up – does your family have any particular traditions every year?

We've always had a big Christmas, but we're only four people — my parents, my brother and I. My dad makes a giant turkey and my mom a yule log, and we just eat and watch "Coming To America". This year, my boyfriend and I want to get a cabin in the woods halfway between Montreal and NYC and have a big Christmas sleepover.


Do you find any aspects of your life difficult to balance? 

Being a girl and a woman at the same time. New York is like "You're so young, we want you!" and then hands you a contract that sells your soul. You have to keep it cute and cool, but be strong about your decisions. 


Are you doing what you thought you would be doing with your life or has it been a wild ride?

If I wrote what I thought I'd be doing in 5 five years everyday, I'd probably always get it wrong. If you really want something, you usually get it way faster than 5 years.


What do you think you’ll be doing in 5 years?

Maybe getting a part in a film directed by Xavier Dolan. 


Anything coming up that you’re really excited about?

Acting classes and a roadtrip down to Florida.


Why did you decide to move to NY?

I moved here to start acting and be closer to my lover.


Pull 3 images that best describe or inspire you

Lovers by Lula Hyers

 Lovers by Lula Hyers


Kate Moss and Alexander McQueen


Wong Kar-wai, filmmaker

Wong Kar-wai, filmmaker



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