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Dana Williams

For our new installment of Show & Tell, LA-based  singer-songwriter, guitarist, and poet Dana Williams shares the pieces that are keeping her calm and content through isolation. 


I moved around a lot growing up so I found that, though everything was continuously changing, the constant in my life was always music. I became used to letting go of things. My family split their time between Los Angeles, New York City and Martha’s Vineyard.


My jewelry collection is very simple. My favorite metal is gold and I have a gold necklace with a mini charm in the shape of Martha’s Vineyard. I have a special place in my heart for that island. I have a beautifully supportive community of friends and so many warm memories. I go back every summer. The necklace reminds me of home.


Music was a constant in my life and my dad was also a musician. I have a collection of some of his guitars. Of them I have: A Steve Vai Jem (which I think is really great if you like to shred), a steel string acoustic and a nylon string guitar. He sent me the nylon string guitar while I was studying classical guitar in college. He was surprised to learn that I took an interest in classical music. His guitar of choice was a Strat. My rebellion was to learn a different style than his. I love my collection of guitars. I don’t play his guitars very much anymore, though they have helped me to memorialize him. My favorite guitar nowadays, that I play regularly is my Fender Stratocaster. I’m sure he would appreciate that my style and taste have come full circle.


A few other items that have helped me to cope in isolation are my french press and my Hydro Flask. I drink coffee every morning and I love the process of first boiling water in a tea kettle and then pouring hot water over coffee grounds. It is a really peaceful way to start the day. I also try to stay hydrated and if I keep my Hydro Flask full it is a good reminder to keep drinking water. I think it’s really important to stay hydrated right now with coronavirus looming.


I know right now fresh produce is mostly a privilege. I try to get it whenever possible. I try to stay stocked up on lemons. I love citrus and I squeeze lemon juice on just about every meal I cook.


Even though I’m practicing social distancing, I have been keeping up with my beauty routine to some extent. I find working out has helped enhance my mood on days that I’m feeling anxious and worried about the state of things. I’m grateful that there are so many workout classes on YouTube. I’ve also enjoyed using the High Priest face, hair and body oil. I’m always trying new ways to enhance my curls and keep my hair healthy.


I also have a collection of dresses that I’ve accumulated over the years. I do feel embarrassed about how many I accumulate, but I’ve always loved long flowing dresses. I have actually worn a couple of dresses in isolation: once for a live stream concert I did on YouTube and Instagram and a second time to take my dogs for a walk. It’s nice to change out of your pajamas occasionally haha. Though I am happy to lounge around all day in my pjs.



Follow Dana on Instagram, visit her website and stream her music here.



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