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Lacy Phillips – Free + Native

Lacy Phillips is an herbalist, Manifestation Advisor, and the founder of Free + Native, a website dedicated to modern holistic living. Interested in finding out more about following what she calls “pings” and her theories on manifestation, we recently caught up with Lacy in her Echo Park home to find out more.  

 Lacy Phillips Free + Native


Can you talk a little bit about your creative path and how you got to where you are today?

Following what I call “pings”. They are these little intuitive downloads that we are all capable of receiving, and we all receive them often. That and this fine dance with The Universe that I learned very early on, which helped me to create the Manifestation Formula that I teach and guide people through.

Can you tell us more about your teachings on manifestation and the modern approach that you take?

I like to say that it’s 10% spiritual, 60% psychology, and another 30% of my intuition when I’m working with clients and groups. I realized very early on that I was capable of manifesting really incredible, bizarre specific things like a $300 apartment in Echo Park and a partner with “long blond surfer hair” and a “European Family”. But it was never in ways that are taught in the superstitious riddled Manifestation books that line the shelves of New Age bookstores. So I tossed that all aside and really watched what worked for me – how, when, and why. I realized that when these books are saying, “stay in the vortex or raise your vibration” that’s code for “raise your self-worth”, though these authors aren’t even aware of that yet. I also discovered that The Universe is here to give us anything that we physically (and non-physically) need (and want) as long as we are willing to grow into our most whole, realized versions of self. This requires a lot of action on our part – jumping off cliffs, expanding our belief system, passing what I call “lessons and tests” from The Universe, and deep self-work.


How would you describe your views on holistic living?

Intuitive, grounded, and intrinsic. I follow my intuition. I stay grounded about it all. And I’m always tuning in to how everything is connected.


Community seems to play an important role within your work. What do you love most about living and working in LA?

The sun, the desert, and the relaxed approach it offers. I honestly think that LA is a vortex. I have this whole theory around it that bores anyone I tell. I can always see their eyes glazing over, but I know I’m on to something.


Can you explain your thoughts on the importance of intuition and working through fear?

It really is the roadmap – and we certainly aren’t raised in a society that fosters this or supports it. We’re so programmed to follow a one-size-fits-all approach to life. Born, go to school, go to college, have a family, work these socially acceptable jobs, and die. Nowhere are we taught to go inward and listen to ourselves – strengthen and follow where our gut is asking us to go. Honestly, if someone only takes one thing away from me, it’s please, please, please, follow your “pings”.  Life will be so much easier. It will flow right into your essence. You will receive a lot less hardships (lessons/tests), and you will be rather blissed out along the way.

I realize this is quite a feat for a lot of people just learning how to tap into what their gut is saying. They’ve been disconnected from it for so long that they get nervous trusting it. But find your in! It is your divine roadmap.

 Lacy Phillips Free + Native


When you’re feeling creatively blocked or overwhelmed, how do you connect back to your flow?

I pull away from people, places, and things (Aquarius). I get really quiet and recognize what is off in my emotional state. Such as, “am I in pain?” Once I can pinpoint that, I dig deeper and see what’s the root cause of that. Then I head to my toolkit and I realize that everything outside of me is a reflection of something inside of me that needs integrating, healing, or movement. I will also give this up to The Universe to show me the right solution, for it’s far more intelligent than I am and absolutely has the answer. Usually connecting with The Universe (superconscious mind) puts me right back in creative flow. Because I’m no longer holding all of the responsibility on my own.

This all takes about 30 minutes for me. Then I start to ask myself, where can I find inspiration today (not in a hippie way, but literally). I’ll pop to a museum, film, anything creative – and without fail my creativity will always return. Kundalini is great for this as well. So is Taoist Tantra. The toolbag is so big now that I always have something to support wherever I am.

I also honor that everything isn’t going to be awesome. The painful times, or rock bottoms, are my favorite because they mean that transformation is coming, and with transformation means a new butterfly at the end (manifested subjects).


Since launching your own business, do you find it difficult to ever “shut off” work?

Yes. Very. I never have balance with it. I own this entirely and that helps a lot.


What is your relationship to fashion? Do you have a daily uniform?

NOOOOO!!! I wish I did. I love looking at people’s sun signs and their fashion because I always see patterns. For instance, most of the Virgos I know travel so light and can wear the same cool outfit for days on end. I’m SUCH an Aquarius peacock and I’ll change my outfit three times minimum in a day. It’s like I have split personalities. I also really express myself through aesthetics and fashion so I’m constantly getting bored of one thing and will toss on another. But I do pride myself on French philosophy when it comes to fashion. Minimalism, quality, fewer pieces, 90% sustainable or vintage, tomboy with a sexy flair. Right now, I’m living in Olderbrother as my basics, vintage 501’s, a Celine purse, and classic Van tennies.


Can you tell us 5 things that would make up your ideal day?

Nothing on my schedule, ocean, fresh farmers market fare for a beautiful dinner with my fiancé and dog, sunshine and a breeze, with jazz at night.

 Lacy Phillips Free + Native


Can you break down your morning routine for us?

Oh boy. Self-care is everything for me and I’m very sacred about it, and very unapologetic about it as well. I don’t even start work until 12 noon so that I can really take care of myself. No alarm clocks, I rely on my own circadian rhythms. Bone broth, Salmon, and veggies is a normal breakfast for me. I’m on a whole autoimmune paleo thing to heal my gut and prepare for something secret and special. Then I do my Kundalini Sadhana, head to the gym, vedic meditation, dry body brush, shower, and begin my workday.


When do you feel most connected to yourself?

Alone. And when I follow routines.


What is something that’s overrated?

Pizza. I’ve never liked it.


Favorite day trip to escape from LA to?

Ojai or Palm Springs. It’s a 50/50 toss up.


Do you have any words for others on looking to take the leap into working independently?

Trust in yourself. Listen to “pings”. You still don’t even know how powerful, capable, and resourceful you are. But you are.


If you were to host a dinner party for anyone past or present, who would you invite and what would be on the menu?

My late grandmother. She’s the only person I identify with in my family. She was so strong, candid, intelligent, self-educated, and even trippier spiritually than I am. Raviolis.


What is important to you right now?

The collective consciousness.


Lucy Phillips Free + Native 

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Interview and Photography: Serafina LoGiacco



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