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For our newest installment of Show and Tell, we asked LA-based multi-disciplinary artist and dancer Glorietta Reantaso to share some of her favorite travel finds, heirlooms, and objets. Having worked with her in 2018 on a responsible tourism feature (read the convo here), we knew that Glorietta’s effortless, grounded, almost surreal style comes from a place of mindfulness about her personal impact on the environment. Always looking for tricks and tips on how that's done, we were excited to have her walk us through some of her treasured pieces. 

This was a project based on some raw feelings I went through last year. At the deepest level my table reflected that. It's symmetrical and at the same time imperfect in places. It was a challenge in the wood shop as I had zero experience, but a good jumping off point to trust myself and evolve.
Surprisingly not lost from adolescence to adulthood. Jade carries a loving and nourishing energy that boosts my vibe 100%.
Most days I’m in unfussy clothing that I can move in. I express myself best through movement. I’m into modern dance because it rebels against classical ballet. My inner feelings come out without an external ideal of a perfect posture, without right or wrong, and it surfaces my emotional range —  from grief to anger or joy. It’s a mode where I just am not like in our culture where we’ve been taught to repress feelings. 
Bought these from a wholesome old man from Madagascar in Paris. I’m simple when it comes to food. I collect kitchenware from all over the world so it inspires me to cook more.
I’m a first-generation American born and raised in California. I saw my grandparents with stretches of time in between since they were in the Philippines. There were some language and geographical barriers so this photograph of my lola (grandmother) makes me feel like I knew her more. I have a box of family photos and this one always grabs my attention. Feels empowering. The Philippines has rich history with the US, China and Spain. I think that’s why I don’t have nationalistic pride neither here nor there. I have family all over the world. The photos give me a tangible sense of home and also making my own physical home is important since the concept of being from somewhere is complex. I can ground myself in the space between. The photos live in the heart of my LA casita. 
My books are mentors I don’t have in real life. Universe, still waiting...
Ending this with my favorite game from childhood! The base is solid wood and the playing pieces are sea shells. It’s a symbol in my home to make space for present, ecstatic play.


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We grapple with consumerism everyday – we are a store that sells stuff that hates waste and too much stuff. So you can imagine the collective cognitive dissonance brewing around the KB office. Our mission, for ourselves and for our store, is to dial back the urge to consume mindlessly and voraciously for no other purpose than to own lots of stuff. The opposite of a throw-away culture – a society that feels connected enough to what they own to keep it, keep it nice, and pass it on. More simply put, people save things when they feel connected to them. For our new series, Show and Tell, we’re taking a different approach to the classic Q&A and asking friends, family and followers to introduce us to some of their things, and through those things learning a lot about the person behind the piece.


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