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Kindred Black Projects

Before the Kindred Black cyber-doors were even thrown open to the world, we were signed up as members of 1% For The Planet, a growing alliance of businesses that commit to donating 1% of their yearly sales to non-profits focused on sustainability and the environment. This year, we're renewing our 1% commitment and doubling down on our own internal commitment to providing luxury eco-fashion that is designed to reduce the environmental impact of shopping. We're constantly brainstorming and developing new ecologically minded projects and in 2018, like the beaming, proud mamas we are, we rolled out our very first lines of natural fiber, made in the USA clothing, sustainable hand blown glass sex toys, and an evolving line of precious skincare, packaged in handmade glass bottles sealed with corks. Fifteen days in and we can't wait to show you what's in store for 2019.


Kindred Black Slow Skincare


Slow Skincare

A historically rooted apothecary line, inspired by a slower way of living and simple, natural body care rituals through the ages. The line is an assortment of pure oils, toners, and scents packaged free of plastic in recycled, handmade precious glass bottles. The first of a rotating cast of functional and purposeful elements – a trio of versatile face, body, and hair oils and toners paired with four precious bottles of add-in oils. Each element can be mixed and matched for a personalized body and skincare regimen.



Kindred Black x Roberta



A versatile line of classic menswear inspired basics refined and reimagined for the female form. Designed for the low maintenance woman who doesn't want to look it, the collection plays with the idea of the timeless men's "uniform" – easy, interchangeable staples that can be worn together and transitioned through different looks and occasions with a simple change of shoes and jewelry.


 Found by Kindred Black


Found by Kindred Black

So many beautiful and quality pieces already exist in the world – if we each incorporate some of these made-to-last treasures into our personal style, we could significantly reduce the amount of new that needs to be manufactured every year. Found by Kindred Black luxury one-of-a-kind jewelry and home is carefully handpicked with an eye toward function, design, and the transformative way that one unique piece can instantly update a look.



Kindred Black Sexual Wellness


Hand Blown 

Though when you think of sex toys this may not be top of mind, the industry is not very eco-friendly. Made primarily of silicone, rubber, and plastic, what brings us pleasure today is likely to wreak pain tomorrow. Developed with an artisan glass blower in Colorado, the Kindred Black Creeper and Wee are the first of a blossoming collection of handmade pleasure art.


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