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For our third installment of Show and Tell we asked Detroit raised photographer and producer Libby Gray to walk us through some of her prized possessions. After living in New York City for 11 years working in fashion, beauty, and with creative agencies, Libby moved to LA for a change of pace. She's always had a love for design and interiors, but it wasn't until she moved to LA and had more physical space that she had the freedom to experiment with it more whole heartedly. Also a nostalgic at heart, a lot of her treasured objects are deeply personal and come from family or travel. A girl after our own heart, she believes that quality pieces that you love can last a lifetime.





This is pottery that my Mother made In the 70’s. She’s always been very creative and as I’ve gotten older, I’ve happily acquired more of her things. I love how timeless they are. Next to them is also my magazine collection of at least a decade which I keep adding to and will never get rid of.




Libby Gray



I bought this on a recent trip to Milan for my birthday. I like to buy one special piece every time I travel. I just love the simplicity of it and that it will remind me of a beautiful trip with friends. 




Libby Gray



My Grandpa was a carpenter and made me this chair when I was a little girl. When I moved from NY to LA my parents shipped it to me but the wood was its natural color and I had scribbled all over it, so I painted it blue and gave it a new home. A lot of the things I own are very personal and I liked the idea of having something from my childhood.






I bought these glasses at an art gallery in northern Michigan where I grew up spending my summers. I was instantly drawn to the colors and shapes and wish I had bought more! 






As a photographer, my cameras are my most loved possessions. The Canon was my Father’s that he bought while stationed in Vietnam in 1968 and the Polaroid was a birthday gift from friends. I love the quality of film and will never give it up! 






A few years ago I discovered all of my parents old photos and quickly became obsessed with them. I love the colors and the soul behind them. It was also a time when people weren’t so aware of documenting every moment, so there’s a true candidness in them. I have them all over my house.






My Father has been collecting and restoring vintage sound systems for a few years so he got me these. The record player is from the late 60’s and I think the speakers and receiver are from the 80’s. I just started my record collection so I have a long way to go, but the gift of music is a beautiful thing.







I found these at a flea market in Santa Monica. No special story here, but I think they bring a nice energy to a room.






I bought this in a small bookshop in Woodstock, NY. It was printed in 1970 and the photographs are incredible. A real gem.


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We grapple with consumerism everyday – we are a store that sells stuff that hates waste and too much stuff. So you can imagine the collective cognitive dissonance brewing around the KB office. Our mission, for ourselves and for our store, is to dial back the urge to consume mindlessly and voraciously for no other purpose than to own lots of stuff. The opposite of a throw-away culture – a society that feels connected enough to what they own to keep it, keep it nice, and pass it on. More simply put, people save things when they feel connected to them. For our new series, Show and Tell, we’re taking a different approach to the classic Q&A and asking friends, family and followers to introduce us to some of their things, and through those things learning a lot about the person behind the piece.



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