Love For Our Mother

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Love For Our Mother

For as many years as we’ve been in business, we’ve been flirting with the idea of really coming into our own as a beauty brand. What started as a curated assortment of other people’s sustainable work in the industry evolved as we wanted more control over ingredients, sources, and packaging. Taking a step back in time, eschewing trends, leaving chemicals and synthetics to others, our idea was simple – a wholesome line of small batch botanical beauty that requires no plastic, what we call Slow Beauty. 



We talk a lot about “rebirth” here at Kindred Black and for us, today is that day of renewal. But though things may look very different, trust that we remain steadfastly the same. Everything that we do is still shaped by our mantra “love for our mother”. We exist to change the standards of acceptable waste in an industry that has far too much and to offer something really and truly eco-luxurious. Read on to find out more about the new goings on at Kindred Black, check-out our new look, and shop one of the most sustainable collections on the market, that now includes a brand new refill program.



We’re thrilled to finally be able to announce that refills can now be purchased for many of our products. Our glass bottles are each hand blown individually by a glass blower that sits at a flame and uses their hands and mouth to shape each molten piece of glass. It makes our packaging probably the most unique on the market and way too special to just be thrown away when you’re finished with your favorite cosmetics or skincare. Our infinitely recyclable aluminum refill bottles make the line one of the most sustainable on the market.



We’ve got a new look. We made our new packaging with a family run business in Paris that is committed to sustainable packaging concepts. Our new bold yellow outer cartons are inspired by the sun that gives life to our ingredients and made with a lighter weight, uncoated paper that is FSC certified and acid, heavy metal, and elemental chlorine free. We wanted the unboxing experience to be as special as what’s in the box and the challenge was to create something beautiful that didn’t create a lot of excess waste. Our new logo is based on a handwritten signature, an homage to the old-world apothecary.



Slow Beauty is focused on the ritual of the beauty regimen and the consideration of every aspect of the products that you choose to make a part of this routine. It is the antithesis of the beauty haul and a medicine cabinet packed with half full plastic bottles. Explore our new info section and our thoughts on all things simple and slow.



Everything we do is informed by our mantra “love for our mother” – a planet-first mindset shared by the incredible artisans that we’re lucky enough to work with every day. We’ll continue to bring you eco-focused beauty with unusual pairings for the home and vanity and you can trust that we are continuing to seek ways to reduce our footprint, and to mine the eras of history when beauty was procured from nature and not a lab. 




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