In Defiance of the New Reality

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In Defiance of the New Reality

In preparation for the election and an HC victory, we printed T-shirts emblazoned with a cheerful and celebratory red and Hillary blue “Got Her Done!”. It was all hands on deck last Tuesday as we packaged them in red, white and blue paper stars and streamers, readying the shirts to be launched on Kindred Black as soon as the final results were in. As everyone knows by now, things did not go the way we planned. In fact, things didn’t go the way more than 61 million voters planned and a new reality has set in for many of us, one that is so troubling and could have such far reaching and nefarious consequences, that we’re having trouble accepting what’s just happened to us. In defiance of this new reality, many Twitter and Instagram users blacked out their photos in protest and as a physical way to speak out against the hate filled rhetoric, confused and deliberately misleading discourse, and downright terrifying nominations and appointments by the new President Elect. Being an environmentally focused company, and one that recognizes that our values and commitment to the environment are about to be undermined in an unprecedented way, we knew we had to recycle the shirts in some way but we also wanted it to say something meaningful. We wanted this project too to be a physical representation of an outright rejection of hate, fear and exclusion. So we blacked out our celebration, erased our excitement and covered over what would have meant an end to 227 years of female exclusion from our country’s highest office. We hope that you’ll wear it in defiance of the new reality and join in the movement to help lead our country back to the core values and ideals that it was founded upon – life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness for everyone.


Photo by Georgia Hilmer


All proceeds from the sale of this shirt will benefit Planned Parenthood, a valuable organization that provides healthcare and reproductive education to millions of women in the U.S. and that will need our help more than ever to make it through the next four years.

Printed on hemp and organic cotton Jungmaven T-shirts made in Los Angeles, printed locally (both times), and available exclusively on for $65. 100% of proceeds will be donated to Planned Parenthood. 




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