The Protective Power of Jewels

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The Protective Power of Jewels

Rare, sparkling jewels and gems make our hearts race and complete our best ensembles, but did you know that they can also protect you from an incubus in the night? (Assuming you want to be protected from an incubus…check Wikipedia before ruling it out too hastily.) Read on to find out why a little splurge can make all the difference this All Hallows' Eve.




Named for its moon-like glow and ethereal sheen, moonstone has been thought for thousands of years to offer protection for travelers, especially at night, and some cultures purport that the stone is especially beneficial for lovers and can even help to unite them if estranged.





A gemstone worn throughout the centuries as a symbol of purity and spirituality, an amulet of protection against evil, and as a talisman of success and wealth, the amethyst is today thought to be grounding, to alleviate stress and headaches, and to help those suffering from bad dreams and night terrors.





Snakes are frequently thought of as guardians because when threatened, they tend to stand their ground and fight rather than retreat. Many ancient sites have used symbols of snakes at their entryways as symbolic defenders and wearing a snake is a potent reminder of strength and courage in the face of fear and adversity.





Mother of pearl is not only beautiful and calming to the senses, but is said to protect one from negative influences and bad, wearying energy. A single pearl can grant their wearer extraordinary foresight, protecting them from imminent dangers, and is also an amulet that will guard against the dangers of the Evil Eye.




Opals were treasured and worn by ancient monarchs not only for their beauty but for their purported protective powers. Set into crowns and worn as necklaces, opals were said to ward off evil and protect the eyesight. The stones were sometimes even ground up and ingested for their healing properties or to ward off nightmares (though it seems now that this was not a very digestively-friendly idea). Some say that opals strengthen the memory and can be used to help recall past lives.





A popular amulet of the middle ages, Garnets can be placed beneath the pillow to guard against evil spirits in the night. These stones were used for general protection against malevolent spiritual forces, to guide the wearer through darkness, and even to stop bleeding and protect from poison.





During the Victorian period red coral was given to children to protect them from becoming a changeling, a fairy child swapped and left in the place of a human child. For this reason you’ll often see antique Victorian rattles with red coral incorporated. Still thought to have protective powers, coral is said to guard against demonic powers, curses, the destructive forces of the Evil Eye and to ward off visitations by succubus or incubus demons. To be effective, the coral should be worn directly against the body so that it can capture and destroy any sorcery before it reaches the wearer of the amulet.





Ancient Egyptians would place lapis on various parts of a deceased person's body as an offering to guarantee their safe passage into the afterlife. Before death, they believed lapis capable of curing demonic possession and, believing that the soul was housed in the brain, they would pulverize the deep blue stone, mix it with gold, and place the poultice on the top of the head to draw out the demons as it dried. In cases of extreme possession, a hole was drilled into the head and the mixture was poured inside (and we would venture to guess that the games came full circle at that point and a safe passage into the afterlife was then required).






Natural operculum, the Cat's Eye Shell was widely used in Victorian jewelry as a talisman of protection against the malevolent evil eye. 




Onyx is the right stone to wear when investigating paranormal activity because it protects from harmful spirits and can prevent a spirit from draining your psychic energy. It is said to shield one against psychic attack by absorbing and transmuting negative energy, making it a particularly potent protection against black magic.







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