The Protective Power of Jewels and Gems

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The Protective Power of Jewels and Gems

Wear onyx when investigating paranormal activity, diamonds to guard against demons of the night. A horseshoe forestalls the devil, a snake imparts strength and courage, while opals ward off nightmares and might help you to recall past lives. The protective powers of jewels, gems, and ancient amulets are numerous and precious stones and talismans have been worn, put under pillows, and even ground up and applied to the body like a poultice throughout history by those seeking to make an unpredictable world more safe and secure. To close the most mystical month of the year, we've put together some history and symbolism of your favorite sparkling accessories. 
A gemstone worn throughout the centuries as a symbol of purity and spirituality, an amulet of protection against evil, and as a talisman of success and wealth, the amethyst is today thought to be grounding, to alleviate stress and headaches, and to help those suffering from bad dreams and night terrors.
Onyx is a great stone to wear when investigating paranormal activity because it protects from harmful spirits and can prevent a spirit from draining your psychic energy. It is said to shield one against psychic attack by absorbing and transmuting negative energy, making it a particularly potent protection against black magic.
Topaz is a stone that is associated with truth, emotional healing, and the building of bridges between people that lead to understanding and forgiveness. Prized by many cultures throughout the millennia, topaz has also been used in a myriad of healing and protective ways including as a treatment for madness, for restful, nightmare free sleep, and to protect the wearer from poisoning by losing its color when in the presence of a fatal venom.
The Ancient Romans were said to wear diamonds on the left side of the body to guard against night demons, and the stone is today still thought to impart restful hours of nightmare-free sleep to its wearers. In the middle ages diamonds were used as amulets against demons, cowardice, plague, pestilence and sorcery. According to medieval lore, if you hold a diamond in your left hand while reciting a prayer you’ll be safe from enemies, all manner of wild and venomous beasts, and from going mad.
A popular amulet of the middle ages, Garnets can be placed beneath the pillow to guard against evil spirits in the night. These stones were used for general protection against malevolent spiritual forces, to guide the wearer through darkness, and even to stop bleeding and protect from poison.
Wear on the body, place on a bedside table, or ornament the house with jade to harness this deep green stone’s energy. For centuries jade has been used as a talisman of good luck, to dispel negative energy, and to bring about increased self awareness. Also thought to bring calm to chaos, jade can be placed on a desk or in places associated with higher stress because some say stroking the stone can help to soothe frayed nerves and bring about more peaceful respiration.
Sapphires have long been purported to protect the wearer from misfortune, fraud, enemies, violence, the Evil Eye, and psychic attacks. According to Buddhist tradition, sapphires also have special powers to induce trances. 
The happy stone – citrine is said to dispel negative energy and bring happiness and positivity into the life of the those who wear it.
Aquamarine is said to magnify whatever occult powers the wearers possess. It can also counteract the lure of dark spirits and demons and at one time was thought to be an antidote to poisoning. Derived from the Roman word “aqua,” meaning water, and “mare,” meaning sea, the legend goes that these shimmery aqua stones have been taken from the treasure of mermaids to protect sailors from the perils of the sea and cure their seasickness.
Opals were treasured and worn by ancient monarchs not only for their beauty but for their purported protective powers. Set into crowns and worn as necklaces, opals were said to ward off evil and nightmares, to protect the eyesight, and to aid in the recollection of past lives.
Used by the Ancient Egyptians to ward off evil spirits, Carnelian has a long history of spiritually protective powers attributed to it. Not only is it said to guard one against injury caused by falling walls or buildings, various peoples have used it to forestall the devil, block nefarious attempts to read their mind, and as protection from spells. 
The pearl can grant their wearer extraordinary foresight, protecting them from imminent dangers, and is also an amulet that will guard against the dangers of the Evil Eye.
Howlite has often been used as a bedside companion for children afraid of the dark. Though this could be explained as just another form of safety blanket, there are many who say that Howlite provides protection against unwanted ghosts and phantoms that roam the house in the night. 
Lapis Lazuli has a long and rich history as an amulet. The Egyptian Book of the Dead, a loose collection of texts describing magical spells that the Egyptians thought would guarantee their dead safe passage into the afterlife, is the earliest recorded history of semi-precious stones being used for religious purposes and often speaks of lapis amulets being placed on various parts of the deceased’s body. Before death, lapis was used by the Egyptians to cure demonic possession. Believing that the soul was housed in the brain, they pulverized the lapis, mixed it with gold, and placed the poultice on the top of the head to draw out the demons as it dried. In cases of extreme possession, a hole was drilled into the head and the mixture was poured inside.
Quartz crystal can amplify the properties of other stones when they are used together but also has a long list of protective powers when used alone. Like other stones, it can be used to counter black magic, demonic possession and the Evil Eye, but interestingly also acts as a strong channel for bonding with the spirit realm and communing with higher spirits.
Legend has it that rubies have magical powers of protection but only when worn by their rightful owner. Donned by royalty as a talisman against evil, the rich red stone was said to be a gem of prophecy – it would grow darker when danger was imminent and return to its original color when the peril had passed.
Named for its moon-like glow and ethereal sheen, moonstone has been thought for thousands of years to offer protection for travelers, especially at night, and some cultures purport that the stone is especially beneficial for lovers and can even help to unite them if estranged.

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