Portrait of a Lady

Jamie Denburg Habie

We spoke to the founder and designer of René Habie (and one of the more enviably interesting and busy women we know) about balancing projects while living all over the world, her family's foundation in Guatemala, and the lasting influence of her artist mother. 

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Halloween 2015

The Protective Power of Jewels and Gems

Wear pearls to keep you safe, diamonds to guard against demons, carnelian to shield spells, or onyx if you plan to investigate paranormal activity – read about these and the many other protective powers of the talisman.
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From the Headquarters

1% For The Planet

We've joined forces with an alliance of businesses dedicating 1% of sales to environmental nonprofits. Read about the organization and its founders.
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A Little Background

The Origins of Modern Jewelry

From lucky talismans to status symbols, jewelry hasn't changed much in 5000 years.
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Inside the Studio

Perfumera Curandera

We talk to Leanne Hirsh, the co-founder of Catskill-based Perfumera Curandera, about how they got started, the process of creating a perfume, and the healing properties of scent. 

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