A look back at looking forward : Inspired by the golden age of futurism, our #mood is Apollo 11 silver, rocket-fueled liquid gold, yards of cool, matte Barbarella mesh. Shop a collection of inspired, hand-selected Found by Kindred Black jewelry, beauty, and home.

The Cycle of Life
Sold Out  The Cycle of Life $375
Brasi Hoops
Sold Out  Brasi Hoops $325
Atlas-Centaur Ring
Sold Out  Atlas-Centaur Ring $490
Andromeda Earrings
Sold Out  Andromeda Earrings $2,650
Amphitrite Ring
Sold Out  Amphitrite Ring $165
The Lucky Wanderer Necklace
Sold Out  The Lucky Wanderer Necklace $1,875
Classical Cameo Ring
Sold Out  Classical Cameo Ring $525
Gold Confetti Ring
Sold Out  Gold Confetti Ring $635
Domino Vessel
Sold Out  Domino Vessel $115
Stargazer Vase
Sold Out  Stargazer Vase $75