High Summer

A collection for the sultriest days of summer – sexy, minimal swimwear and eye-catching jewelry to flatter and adorn when you can't bear to cover yourself with anything else.

Sold Out  Chiqs $48
Sabella Necklace
Sold Out  Sabella Necklace $145
Veneto Bracelet
Sold Out  Veneto Bracelet $185
Pleistocene Earrings
Sold Out  Pleistocene Earrings $125
Tuncay Necklace
Sold Out  Tuncay Necklace $175
Hagan Collar
Sold Out  Hagan Collar $345
Anaho Earrings
Sold Out  Anaho Earrings $85
Chupa Bracelet
Sold Out  Chupa Bracelet $75
Pontus Necklace
Sold Out  Pontus Necklace $150
Sabra Necklace
Sold Out  Sabra Necklace $135
Corentin Earrings
Sold Out  Corentin Earrings $125
The Walking LIberty
Sold Out  The Walking LIberty $225