La Abeja Herbs Bajos Herbal Vaginal Steam
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La Abeja Herbs Bajos Herbal Vaginal Steam

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Bajos, also called yoni steams or vaginal steaming, are a soothing, safe, and sensual way to invite healing, increase vitality and relieve stagnation of the vagina. Bajos rejuvenate the reproductive system by warming the organs, increasing the circulation of oxygenated blood to the vagina and womb, and restoring moisture, vitality and integrity to the tissues. The pleasant heat from the rising steam opens the pores of the skin as well as the those of the vulva so that the medicinal properties of the herbs are delivered deeply into the pelvis and womb through the bloodstream.

Sizing + Info

Enough for 3 steams.
Mix contains: Wild New Mexico Juniper + Sagebrush, Calendula Blossoms,Red Rose Petals, Motherwort Leaf, and Chamomile Flowers.
The Ritual Of Steaming -
Place roughly one cup of dried herbs in a large metal or sturdy glass bowl and cover with water. Pour boiling water over the herbs and cover. Allow the herbs to steep for about ten minutes. Once the herbs have cooled a bit, position yourself over them and test the temperature of the steam. It should be very warm but in no way unpleasant.
If it is too hot, allow the herbs to cool for a few minutes and then return to the steam. Please take care not to burn the delicate tissues of your vagina with too-hot steam.


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La Abeja Herbs Bajos Herbal Vaginal Steam
La Abeja Herbs Bajos Herbal Vaginal Steam
La Abeja Herbs Bajos Herbal Vaginal Steam
La Abeja Herbs Bajos Herbal Vaginal Steam

La Abeja Herbs

La Abeja Herbs is the apothecary of folk healer and Master Herbalist Sophia Rose. Sophia offers regular classes, a host of wildcrafted medicines and apothecary goods, as well as flower essences and herbal wellness consultations. She is also in the final stages of publishing her first book on Solomon's Plume (Maianthemum racemosum).

In the tradition of the Traveling Medicine Show, La Abeja Herbs can often be found on the road, bringing herbal medicine, magic, and lore to places both near and far. Most often the caravan is at home in the Texas Hill Country or in the desert of New Mexico but at present, both the apothecary and its keeper can be found in Austin, just blocks from the Texas State Capitol.