After training in the art of bag craftsmanship since the age of 12, Kichizo Yoshida established his own workshop, originally named Yoshida Kaban Seisakujo, in Kandasuda-cho, Tokyo in 1935. His motto, which remains the company's slogan, was "heart and soul in every stitch" and he aimed to strike the perfect balance between fashion and function while representing the proud values of Japanese workmanship that he had so ardently trained in since childhood. Now known more simply as "Porter" – an allusion to railway and hotel porters, experts in what makes a bag the best in form and function – the company honors the legacy of the late Kichizo by remaining true to his original philosophy. All manufacturing is still done in Japan through more than 50 specialty workshops that eschew efficiency and automation in favor of more traditional and time-tested methods of production that Porter feels can uphold their rigorous quality standards.
Porter Sand Nylon Daypack
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