Sumitani Hakuhodo Brass Incense Holder
Made in Japan

Sumitani Hakuhodo Brass Incense Holder

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Solid brass sphere incense holder on a circular stand,made in Japan by Sumitani Hakuhodo in Takaoka City. Sphere can swivel on the base to change direction of incense. Made of 100% solid brass, each piece is cast and polished by hand.

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0.6" Diameter


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brass incense holder
incense holder

Takaoka City

Part of the Toyama prefecture, Takaoka City is renowned for its superb copper, brass, and metalware, utilizing craftsmanship that dates back to the early 1600’s AD. Approximately 95% of all bronze and brass ware in Japan is made in Takaoka city. It remains a hub of many highly skilled artisans and designers who continue to develop a wide range of metal products in the traditional Takaoka metalsmith traditions.