Ocotillo Eye Balm
To Reduce Puffiness Under The Eyes

Ocotillo Eye Balm


Ocotillo Eye Balm is an all natural and anti-inflammatory under eye salve made with organic Sonoran jojoba oil hand infused with ocotillo bark, a shrub native to the Southwestern desert that has toning properties and can help to reduce puffiness and swelling.

How To Use

Using finger tips, lightly pat a small amount of balm under each eye or on affected area and gently massage into the skin. 



Simmondsia Chinensis (Jojoba) Seed Oil*, Cera Alba (Beeswax)*, Fouquiera Splendens (Wildcrafted Whole Ocotillo Bark)

Sizing + Info

Approximately 15 ml / 0.5 oz
*Please note that the melting point of the balm is 80 degrees F. During warmer months the balm may arrive in a liquid state. If that happens, put it in a cool place or in the refrigerator before opening and the balm will become solid again.
Store in a dry place away from heat and direct sunlight. As with any of our Slow Beauty, please spot test this oil for adverse reactions before use and discontinue use if irritation occurs. Please consult with a physician before using if pregnant or breastfeeding. We recommend using this product within a year of opening. Opened Slow Beauty products are final sale.

The Bottle

Each glass pot is hand blown individually by a master glass artisan in Colorado. Completely plastic free, the jar is shipped cork sealed. 


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Ocotillo Eye Balm
Ocotillo Eye Balm

Native to the Southwestern desert, Ocotillos are large spindly shrubs composed of thorn covered canes which, much of the year, appear lifeless. With enough rainfall they sprout leaves and bright orange, edible flowers that are much loved by hummingbirds. All parts of the plant are medicinal and Ocotillo Eye Balm uses the photosynthetic bark because it has toning properties that help to move lymphatic fluid and stimulate venous circulation. 

Ocotillo Eye Balm

The bark is extracted in oil and set into salve to become a natural and clean, anti-inflammatory under-eye treatment that can help to reduce puffiness and swelling. Ocotillo Balm can also be applied to hemorrhoids, spider veins, and broken capillaries.

Ocotillo Eye Balm