Baja Desert Soaps Damiana Bar
Handmade in Baja, Mexico

Baja Desert Soaps Damiana Bar

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A unique, handmade face and body soap bar crafted with damiana, known as the "desert aphrodisiac". Also known to be calming and antioxidant, the damiana is blended with smooth, leveling vanilla to create a bar perfect to sedate the senses during the ritual of bathing.

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All natural, biodegradable, and cruelty free.
Contains no animal products, perfumes, or artificial colorants. All colors are derived from botanicals.
Ingredients: Pure olive, coconut, and palm oils, well water, extracts of damiana, and vanilla fragrance oil.


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Baja Desert Soaps Damiana Bar
Baja Desert Soaps Damiana Bar
Baja Desert Soaps Damiana Bar

Baja Desert Soaps

Baja Desert Soaps are all-natural handmade soaps, consciously created on a secluded ranch in the hills of Baja, Mexico. Made with wild and sustainably harvested flowers, plant extracts, and other nutrients harvested in the Baja deserts. With a strong focus on people and the environment around them, Baja Desert Soaps minimizes the use of plastics and packaging, creates their soaps using their own pure well water, employs local, rural women, and are proud supporters of the Cabo Pulmo National Marine Park.