Canyon Coffee Columbian Tolima Especial

Canyon Coffee Columbian Tolima Especial

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The Canyon Coffee philosophy for sourcing coffee is pretty simple – they look for coffees that you can enjoy drinking (black) every morning, from sources that grow high-quality, premium grade beans using sustainable and eco-friendly practices. Tolima Especial, produced by a community development association in central Columbia called ASOTBILBAO, is a light roast coffee with a sweet, clear flavor and creamy body that has notes of chocolate, nougat and stone fruit.

Sizing + Info

100% Whole Bean Coffee
Certified Organic by Organic Certifiers
Elevation: 1800-2200 Meters
Process: Washed
12 oz bag.


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Canyon Coffee Columbian Tolima Especial
Canyon Coffee Columbian Tolima Especial


In 2010, after graduating from a program in farming administration, a group of students seeking ways to support their home community united to form an association of technicians and producers in Bilbao. Recognizing the economic struggles of the campo in their beloved Tolima, the young, hopeful minds of ASOTBILBAO brought organization, technical assistance, and teamwork to their region.

Four years after the start of the project, the organization grew to incorporate farmers from the surrounding area, and is now 48 members strong. ASOTBILBAO invests in the future of the organization through rotating leadership roles and various active committees, which are all dedicated to improving quality and commercialization. While coffee is the focal point of production, the group has diversified their products to include avocados, beans, and the tropical fruits granadilla and lulo.

ASOTBILBAO's mission is simple: “Advance our production by applying best agricultural practices and environmentally friendly cultivation methods, and thus improve the welfare for our families and surroundings."