Consecrated Calm Salve
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Consecrated Calm Salve

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Consecrated Calm Salve is an allover healing balm for the body and mind. Made with organic Sonoran jojoba oil hand infused with high desert elevation lavender from a family farm in the Rocky Mountain region of the US. The lavender is slow infused into the oil for weeks creating a base for the balm that is calming and grounding to the senses and a fantastic salve for the skin because lavender is anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, and antimicrobial and has been shown to help regenerate cells. Also a cooling liniment rub, we've added farm-distilled peppermint oil from one the oldest family run peppermint farms in the country to help increase blood flow, relieve pain and headache, and soothe a tired and stressed mind.

Sizing + Info

Ingredients: organic sonoran jojoba oil hand infused with organic lavender, organic rosehip seed oil, organic evening primrose oil, responsibly sourced beeswax, organic French lavender essential oil, farm distilled peppermint oil.
Approximately 1/2 oz, hand blown glass jar that is shipped cork sealed.
Bottles are handmade in the USA by a master glass artisan.
Store in a cool, dry place away from heat and direct sunlight.
As with any of our Slow Beauty, please spot test this salve for adverse reactions before use and discontinue use if irritation occurs.


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Consecrated Calm Salve
Consecrated Calm Salve
Consecrated Calm Salve

Consecrated Calm Salve

Lavender has been used to treat an array of skin conditions and maladies for thousands of years. Used by the Egyptians for mummification, prescribed by medieval physicians to treat epilepsy and migraines, and for centuries English farmers put lavender flowers in their hats to prevent headaches. For skin, lavender is anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, and antimicrobial making it a fantastic tool to combat eczema, dermatitis, dry and chapped skin, acne, and dandruff of the scalp. Lavender has also been shown to be a circulatory stimulant and a cell-regenerator, making the salve a wonderful anti-aging spot treatment and scar and stretch mark treatment. Calming and grounding to the senses, the scent of lavender has anti-depressive qualities and is used extensively in aromatherapy to mitigate anxiety, insomnia, and mental exhaustion.

Peppermint is anti-inflammatory, relaxes nerves and relieves pain, increases blood flow, and helps to stimulate the skins oil production so it can be used on dry spots or to treat a parched area of the complexion.

Use a small amount of Consecrated Calm Salve as a rejuvenating lip and face balm, a light and all natural perfume, makeup remover, to treat and cool sun and windburn, eczema, psoriasis, and scars or anywhere that skin is irritated or needs extra hydration. May also be rubbed into temples during episodes of headache or migraine.