Creosote Infused Healing Body Oil
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Creosote Infused Healing Body Oil

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An intensely healing body oil of slow infused organic Sonoran jojoba with wild harvested Southwestern creosote bush.

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Ingredients: organic Sonoran jojoba oil hand infused with wild harvested creosote leaf, fruit, and flower.
Approximately 2 3/4 oz, hand blown glass bottle with dabber that is shipped wax and cork sealed.
Bottles are handmade in the USA by a master glass artisan.
Store in a cool, dry place away from heat and direct sunlight.
As with any of our Slow Beauty, please spot test this oil for adverse reactions before use and discontinue use if irritation occurs.
Please consult a physician before using if pregnant or breastfeeding.
We recommend using this product within a year of opening.
Opened Slow Beauty products are final sale.


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Creosote Infused Healing Body Oil
Creosote Infused Healing Body Oil
Creosote Infused Healing Body Oil
Creosote Infused Healing Body Oil

Creosote Infused Jojoba Oil

Creosote is an evergreen shrub, with small waxy leaves, that thrives in desert climates. The plant got the name creosote when men building the railroad west through Texas into Southern CA in the late 19th century thought the bushes smelled similar to the petroleum-based creosote that they infused railroad ties with. Known by others as "la hediondilla" or stinky one, because of its distinctive smell that most Southwesterners say reminds them of the desert in the rain.

Creosote is a skin healer that has been used for hundreds of years by indigenous Americans. An incredible treatment for skin irritations of all kinds, use creosote infused jojoba oil to nourish and protect extremely dry skin, on sunburn and bug bites, on pimples and scars, to soothe itch and chafing, and as a therapeutic and moisturizing hair treatment because it has anti-fungal properties for the scalp.

The base of the oil is our go-to organic Sonoran jojoba oil, a fantastically effective oil that can be used for hair, face, and body. Naturally antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, non-toxic, and non-comedogenic jojoba is one of two oils that are the most structurally similar to the skins natural oil, making it an useful allover body oil for every skin type.