Cutino Jalapeno Hot Sauce
Small Batch Hot Sauce from Phoenix, AZ

Cutino Jalapeno Hot Sauce

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Based on a secret family recipe, this Cutino Sauce Co blend is made of fresh jalapeños which, when fully ripened turn red and develop a beautiful deep sweetness. Mixed with habanero, tomatoes, carrots, onion, mustard and lime, it’s the perfect balance of a mild flavorful burn. Tip: add to ketchup for a little kick or as the final ingredient to a bloody mary.

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4oz bottle


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Cutino Jalapeno Hot Sauce
Cutino Jalapeno Hot Sauce

Cutino Sauce Co

Founder Jacob Cutino took a secret family recipe – a sweet habanero blend from his Trinidadian stepfather – and created a line of hot sauces that are more than just fiery condiments. Made in small batches in their Phoenix-based kitchen, the Cutino Sauce Co uses fresh, all natural ingredients to create complex flavor blends. Cutino’s philosophy is that hot sauce should be used as an ingredient, not just a condiment – and recommends using it in everything from marinades and pasta sauces to bloody marys and pizza toppings.