Ever Imagining The Dire
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Ever Imagining The Dire

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Sterling silver rope chain with a trio of charms for luck and to ward off evil energy.

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This piece is vintage.
Chain is approximately 27.75" long.


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Ever Imagining The Dire
Ever Imagining The Dire
Ever Imagining The Dire
Ever Imagining The Dire

A Trio For Luck

Sterling silver puffed mercury dime. Mercury is the Roman god of luck and communication, and a guide for the souls of the deceased to the underworld.

Stone and sterling silver mano figa, an ancient magically protective talisman to ward off evil curses and bad energy.

The Italian horn amulet or corno is also a portafortuna, meaning lucky charm. Often associated with the sign of the corna, the horn is protection against the evil eye, a curse thought to be caused by the jealousy and envy of others. Some know it as the devils horn amulet, because it was thought to be shaped like one of the devils horns, but the symbol actually predates Christianity by thousands of years. The original shape is thought to be that of the horn of an African eland (a genus of antelopes) or based on the horns of the old European moon goddess but the actual origins are debated.