La Curie Odyssey Perfume
Hand Blended in Tucson

La Curie Odyssey Perfume

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A subtle and fresh scent that the maker describes as being composed of fabricated galactic botanicals – the fresh and pleasantly floral aroma of the brilliantly fall toned liquidambar meets asteroid sap, purified air, white vinyl, nostalgia, candied comet dust, and utopian dreams. An olfactory guide through the galaxy.

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15 ml bottle


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La Curie Odyssey Perfume
La Curie Odyssey Perfume
La Curie Odyssey Perfume

La Curie

La Curie is an award-winning, niche fragrance house that blends wistful and extraordinary fragrances in small batches in the Sonoran Desert. Using unexpected ingredients and unusual fusions, perfumer Lesli Wood breaks the rules of traditional fragrance and creates inspired scents for lovers of the unpredictable.