Lotuff Tripp Crossbody
Handmade in New England

Lotuff Tripp Crossbody

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Triple gusset, veg tanned leather crossbody with a surprising amount of interior space. Extended zipper for wide, easy access. Removable cross-body strap attaches to a small, solid-brass d-ring on each side of the bag, allowing the bag to transform into a clutch when removed.

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Sizing + Details

2" Depth, 8" Width, 6" Height
Hand-selected, tumbled, vegetable-tanned leather.
Fully leather lined for strength and sustenance.
Triple-gusset construction creates three separate interior compartments.
Removable, adjustable (42" to 45") cross-body strap.
Solid-brass YKK Excella zipper and solid-brass d-rings.
Lotuff guarantees every product against material and workmanship defect for the life of the registered user.


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Lotuff Tripp Crossbody
Lotuff Tripp Crossbody
Lotuff Tripp Crossbody
Lotuff Tripp Crossbody
Lotuff Tripp Crossbody
Lotuff Tripp Crossbody
Lotuff Tripp Crossbody

Lotuff Leather

Lotuff uses completely natural and uncorrected leather colored through a time consuming vegetable-tanning process first developed in ancient times when nothing but natural tree bark and plant and animal extracts were available.

For months at a time the hides are left to soak in tanning pits dug into the ground and filled with specially prepared mixtures of organic elements. The best of these stiff, dried-out and uncolored hides are set aside. At this point, the best hides are carefully placed by hand into wooden drums with a blend of bark extracts, fat liquors and organic dyes. The drums rotate slowly and are carefully monitored for hours until the color is struck through the entire thickness and the moisture level is balanced throughout the hide.

Instead of peeling and cracking as painted chromium tanned leathers do, Lotuff leather develops its own patina, changing gradually in appearance and taking on the character of its user over time. The scars, scratches, veins and wrinkles that give each piece in the collection its unique character have not been sanded down or buffed. They specifically choose not to cover minor imperfections with paint sealers or artificial finishes, using only clear dyes in a range of colors that enhance rather than conceal the beautiful character of the leather.

Lotuff is designed and made in New England by a staff of uniquely skilled craftsmen who are imparting their skills to other workers to help nurture a new generation of American craftsmen.