Mater Soap Rose Bar
Handmade Soap Made in Red Hook BK

Mater Soap Rose Bar

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Mater Soap rose bar is a soap for face, hands and body made with hemp seed oil and pink kaolin clay. A cleansing and moisturizing bar with a bright scent of grapefruit and bergamot. Cold process soap handmade in New York City.

Sizing + Info

5 oz bar
INGREDIENTS: Olive oil, water, coconut oil, lye, castor oil, mango seed butter, hemp seed oil, apricot kernel oil, grapefruit, bergamot and palmarosa essential oil and kaolin rose clay.
Dimensions: 3.25" x 2.5" x 1.25"
Soaps are cut by hand so there may be slight variations in size.


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Mater Soap Rose Bar
Mater Soap Rose Bar
Mater Soap Rose Bar

Mater Soap

Mater Soap offers a variety of cold-process bar soaps and organic body products. Keeping their batches small and handmade, they strive to perfect the simple yet subtle alchemy of soap-making and skin care. Their appreciation for the minimalist beauty of traditional bar soap and power of plant oils and extracts deeply inform their craft. Using 100% natural, sustainably-sourced plant ingredients like smoky pine tar, rose-colored kaolin clay, and salty sea plants, Mater Soaps provide the bather with a bar of soap that not only looks good, but smells and feels great, too.