Ocotillo Botanica Ayurvedic CCF Herbal Tea
Handmade in Marfa, TX

Ocotillo Botanica Ayurvedic CCF Herbal Tea

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This ancient Ayurvedic formula has been hailed as a "Miracle Tea" for centuries. Coriander, cumin, and fennel - CCF -  is a simple, yet powerful, blend that assists in digestive nutrient absorption and regulation of lymphatic flow. A blend traditionally used to stimulate Agni (digestive fire), rid the body of Ama (toxic waste), relieve gas and indigestion, and support the body's elimination process. A stomach calming tea to be sipped hot, especially after a heavy meal.

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16 fl oz, 32 cups


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Ocotillo Botanica Ayurvedic CCF Herbal Tea
Ocotillo Botanica Ayurvedic CCF Herbal Tea

Ocotillo Botanica

Founded by herbalist Alexis Smith, Ocotillo Botanica crafts simple apothecary goods that are born out of a need for a specific relief – a salve for cracked skin, a tincture for easing anxiety – and a mission to bring the healing magic of plants to everyone. Based in Marfa, Texas each of their products contains at least one plant found in the Chihuahuan Desert (though most have more than one), and the remainder of their ingredients are grown in their home garden or sourced from sustainable herbal companies within the US and Mexico. Focused on being as low-waste as possible, they operate on a reduce-reuse-recycle philosophy. They use as little packaging as possible in their line – their glass containers can be reused again and again, the labels are water soluble, and they reuse all their boxes and shipping materials.