Organic Chaparral Oil
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Organic Chaparral Oil

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A wonderfully healing antioxidant for the skin, our chaparral oil is an infusion of ethically wildcrafted southwestern mountain creosote bush and organic extra virgin olive oil. Packaged in a reusable, hand blown glass bottle that is shipped wax and cork sealed.

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Approximately 1 fl. oz.
Ingredients: Certified organic ultra premium olive oil, Larrea tridentata (creosote bush) fresh leaf and flower.
Bottle is hand blown in the US by a female master glass artisan and ships cork and wax sealed.
In rare cases, topical skin irritation may occur. Please spot test before use.
Consult a physician before use if pregnant or breastfeeding.
Store in a dry place away from heat and direct sunlight.


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Organic Chaparral Oil
Organic Chaparral Oil
Organic Chaparral Oil
Organic Chaparral Oil

Organic Chaparral Oil

An extraordinarily versatile and useful oil, this antiviral and anti-inflammatory skin protectant is natural first-aid for sunburns, bites, stings, cuts and wounds, itchy skin, eczema, and psoriasis and can also be used as a therapeutic and moisturizing hair treatment because it has anti-fungal properties for the scalp. Add a few drops to a bath, massage into scalp before shampooing, use as a spot treatment for pimples, or apply a small amount topically to areas of the skin that need special care.

Creosote is an evergreen shrub, with small waxy leaves, that thrives in desert climates. The plant got the name creosote when men building the railroad west through Texas into Southern CA in the late 19th century thought the bushes smelled similar to the petroleum-based creosote that they infused railroad ties with. Known by others as "la hediondilla" or stinky one, because of its distinctive smell that most Southwesterners say reminds them of the desert in the rain. Early native Americans held beliefs that creosote treated many maladies, including sexually transmitted diseases, tuberculosis, chicken pox, dysmenorrhea, and snakebite. Just as useful today, though not used for the same pool of ailments, chaparral is a useful skin protectant and healing tool.