Persian Palm Lulu Classic
Handmade Ceramic Sex Toys Made in Italy

Persian Palm Lulu Classic

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Hand painted, Italian ceramic sex-toy made by artisans in Tuscany. The Lulu has soft curves, inspired by the Tuscan hills, made for the stimulation of the G-spot.

Sizing + Info

Total Length: 20 cm
Insertable Length: 15 cm
Small side diameter: 2.4 cm
Large side diameter: 3.4 cm
Base diameter: 6.4 cm
Filled with a special resin for extra durability and resistance tested using methods typical of aerospace engineering.
Nickel, lead, cadmium and phthalate free and safe for contact with mucous membranes and skin.
Should not be hit against a hard surface or used if cracks appear on the surface.
Food grade glazes make the pieces non-porous so they are easily cleaned with warm water and soap.


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Persian Palm Lulu Classic
Persian Palm Lulu Classic
Persian Palm Lulu Classic
Persian Palm Lulu Classic
Persian Palm Lulu Classic

Persian Palm

Persian Palm is a line of hand painted, Italian ceramic sex-toys created by Eva Cincar and Luana Giusti and made by artisans in Tuscany, a region famous for ceramic craft since the medieval period. Fired with food grade glaze to a comfortable, high polish finish and hand painted with bold and vibrant, non-toxic and hypoallergenic color, these pieces of pleasure art are hard, smooth, safe, and beautiful. Made only with earth, water, and fire, Persian Palm toys are eco-friendly and are crafted to be elegant show pieces, not secreted away in a drawer.