Plant Makeup Sage and Copal Incense Cones
Made in Small Batches in MA

Plant Makeup Sage and Copal Incense Cones

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Handmade incense cones crafted of wild harvested Japanese makko powder, sage leaves, and copal resin. Use to purify your space or induce wisdom.

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Set of 4 Incense Cones
Directions: Light the tip of the cone and place on a surface that is safe for burning. Cone will burn all the way to the bottom with a single lighting. Make sure incense is fully burned or has been extinguished before leaving unattended.
Ingredients: wild harvested makko powder from Japan (Persea thunbergii), wild harvested sage leaves from USA (Salvia apiana), wild harvested copal resin from Indonesia (Shorea javanica).


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Plant Makeup Sage and Copal Incense Cones
Plant Makeup Sage and Copal Incense Cones

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Plant Makeup uses locally grown and organic flowers and herbs to create makeup that applies to the skin lighter than conventional cosmetics that use chemicals to create their bold shades. The line relies on plants to act as dyes, creating natural, subtle shades of color that are good for you and good for the earth.

All ingredients are sustainably sourced and makeup is made in small batches in Massachusetts. All products are plant based and 100% natural and packaged in upcycled, recycled and compostable packaging.