Saipua Coffee Mint Soap
Hand Crafted in New York

Saipua Coffee Mint Soap

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A wonderful odor neutralizing soap made with coffee grounds and peppermint essential oil. Perfect for next to the kitchen sink to remove the strong smell of garlic and onions from hands or as an enlivening scent for the morning shower.

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6 oz. bar
Contains saponified oils of olive, coconut, and castor with shea butter, coffee, and essential oils.


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Saipua Coffee Mint Soap
Saipua Coffee Mint Soap
Saipua Coffee Mint Soap


Saipua, from the Finnish word saippua for soap, is a Brooklyn based, family run soap making business and floral studio founded in 2006 by Sarah Ryhanen and Eric Famisan. Sarah’s mother, Susan, started tinkering with the strange chemistry of soapmaking in her basement in 1997. A former home economics teacher, her first few batches were made in old shoeboxes. Susan eventually roped in her husband, Pentti, and a small soap making factory was born. Exquisitely packaged and branded by Ryhanen and Famisen, each batch of 88 bars is still hand measured, poured, cut and wrapped by Sarah’s folks. The Red Hook shop is now known not only for their gorgeous hand crafted soaps but also for exotic and unusual floral arrangements using unexpected combinations and rare blooms, often grown on their upstate farm, World's End.