Sal de Mar Sea Salt
Natural Salt in Hand Embroidered Bags

Sal de Mar Sea Salt

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Sal De Mar salt, from the Sea of Cortez in Mexico, has an intense, rustic flavor that is crisp while not sharp and enhances food without disguising the fundamental flavors. It only takes a pinch to season a dish.


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Sal de Mar Sea Salt

Sal de Mar

Sal De Mar salt is harvested from the Sea of Cortez based on ancestral traditions using controlled salt ponds. The Sea floods huge, flat, shallow beds and then a dam is used to trap the water. The water then naturally evaporates as it is dried by the sun, leaving a layer of salt that is then harvested by hand.

The embroidered natural muslin bags are made by hand in a small village called Sabinito, in Sonora, Mexico. The women of Sabinito are known for their skillful embroidery and Sal del Mar creates opportunities for them to earn money, while still being able to stay home and care for their children. Each bag has personal artistic embellishments from the artisan embroiderer who made it.