Santa Rosa Candle
Handmade in Mexico

Santa Rosa Candle

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Handmade in Mexico, these beautiful, traditional church candles are made in the timeless, labor-intensive tradition of hand pouring a blend of high-grade paraffin and beeswax over wicks hooked onto a large circular candle wheel. The wicks are bathed in the creamy amber tinted paraffin, one layer after another, until the desired width has been attained. The candles are then stamped in gold with the name Santa Rosa, the patron saint of the Americas, Florists, Latin America, Peru, the Philippines, and South America.

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Handmade in Mexico with natural ingredients


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Santa Rosa Candle
Santa Rosa Candle
Santa Rosa Candle

Rose Ann Hall Designs

Rose Ann Hall designs is an artisan workshop in the Mexican Village of San Miguel de Allende. Founded by Rose Ann Hall and passed to her son Charlie, the company provides educational and technical training to employees, including a significant number with physical disabilities. Charlie Hall was born with Moebius Syndrome, a rare congenital condition that left him with some facial paralysis and arms that end at his elbows. With empathy and compassion, he recognizes the challenges that disabled people face in finding employment. Hall's one requirement- "do your best and have a good attitude".