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Scorpion Oil

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A companion oil to our best selling salve, Scorpion Oil is an enchanted aromatherapeutic perfume oil and spot treatment blended to be spiritually uplifting and calming to the body and mind. A mystical and healing brew, our Sonoran jojoba is hand infused with mugwort, sage, chamomile, and calendula and then blended with warm and spicy cinnamon, purifying rosemary, and soothing cedarwood. Use on pulse points as a rousing and provocative scent or a few drops on skin afflicted with eczema, psoriasis, minor wounds, and excessive dryness to soothe and heal. May also be rubbed into temples during episodes of headache or migraine.

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Ingredients: organic Sonoran jojoba hand infused with mugwort, sage, chamomile, and calendula, cinnamon leaf essential oil, rosemary essential oil, atlas cedarwood essential oil. All ingredients are organic.
Approximately 12 ml hand blown glass bottle that is shipped cork sealed.
Bottles are handmade in the USA by a master glass artisan.
Store in a cool, dry place away from heat and direct sunlight.
As with any of our Slow Beauty, please spot test this oil for adverse reactions before use and discontinue use if irritation occurs.
Please consult a physician before using if pregnant or breastfeeding.
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Scorpion Oil
Scorpion Oil
Scorpion Oil
Scorpion Oil
Scorpion Oil
Scorpion Oil

Scorpion Oil

Egyptian mummies from the Ptolemaic Period have been found with scorpions painted on the bottoms of their feet. When the mummy was stood up, the Egyptians believed that there was a symbolic crushing of the venomous creatures and the paintings were emblematic of a desire to control a world that often felt dangerous and unmanageable.

Our ancient ancestors relied not only on superstitions and rituals but on the abundance of nature for survival – plants were a source of sustenance, medicine, and tools of physical and spiritual healing. It was through their seemingly mystical powers of restoration that people began to associate herbs and the greenery around them with the supernatural world.

We created our Scorpion Oil and Salve with much the same desire as our primitive forebears – living in a world that can feel stressful and beyond our control, we harness the power of the resources that are within our reach. An aromatherapeutic and calming oil, Scorpion Oil is a mystical infusion of mugwort, sage, chamomile, and calendula with an aromatic, warm, and spicy blend of cinnamon, rosemary, and cedarwood.

Mugwort is a magical herb that helps to open the third eye, a gateway to deeper levels of perception. Mystics use mugwort for divination and intuition and to strengthen psychic abilities.

Sage is a multi-purpose protector that is said to guard against foolishness and poor judgement and to steady and quiet the mind.

Chamomile is powerfully aromatherapeutic and acts on the brain to quell anxiety, ease frayed nerves, induce calm and tranquility, and relieve irritability.

Calendula is a soothing and healing plant that has natural antifungal, anti-inflammatory, and antibacterial properties making it a fantastic aid in the healing of minor burns, bites, and lesions, and calming irritated skin.

Cinnamon was so revered in ancient times that it was gifted to monarchs and offered to gods. An ingredient in spells to bring good fortune, cinnamon is said to release fear and can be prepared to create a “cloud of protection”. An anti-inflammatory known to increase blood flow and fight skin blemishes, cinnamon can help improve the appearance and tone of skin and has astringent qualities that may help to shrink pores.

Rosemary is often placed at points of entry to ward off evil spirits and repels negative energy. Used for purifying and cleansing spaces since ancient times, this spiny herb has a strong healing energy and was at one time associated with feminine power. Rosemary is purported to provide an antibacterial barrier on the skin and has been found to have mild pain relieving properties.

Cedarwood inspires feelings of safety, grounding, and comfort and has an ancient and deeply protective energy thought to invoke “angelic” help when in need of inner wisdom.

Use Scorpion Oil when and where you need it – a light, spiritually uplifting perfume, a fantastic spot healer for skin afflicted with eczema, psoriasis, minor wounds, and excessive dryness, and a tool to combat headaches and migraines. A few drops can also be added into our Organic Sonoran Jojoba Oil and Organic, Cold-Pressed Argan Oil to scent these natural body oils.