Sort of Coal Kishu Binchotan
Natural Water Purifier

Sort of Coal Kishu Binchotan

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Stick of Kishu Binchotan, a powerful white charcoal, for filtering water impurities.

Sizing + Info

Length: approx. 7"
Diameter: approx. 1"
Mineralizing capacity: approx.1 month
Purifying capacity: approx. 3 months


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Sort of Coal Kishu Binchotan
Sort of Coal Kishu Binchotan
Sort of Coal Kishu Binchotan
Sort of Coal Kishu Binchotan

Kishu Binchotan

Kishu Binchotan is a powerful white charcoal that creates a natural purifying and enriching process similar to that of spring water traveling through layers of rock and soil to the surface of the earth. The water moves through trillions of micro cavities inside the White Charcoal, and tap water is naturally softened, ionized and freed of up to 75% of added chlorine, while being enriched with vital minerals such as potassium and magnesium.

The holm oak for the Binchotan is harvested in the organic mountain-forests in Japan, south of Osaka without harming the trees. White Charcoal is made using the same techniques and processes that have been used for centuries. In this ancient Japanese method pieces of wood are baked in hand-built clay kilns, slowly at first and then at extremely high temperatures with restricted oxygen. This allows carbon to be captured in the wood by a process called pyrolysis. Perfecting the difficult ritual of burning requires patience and dedication and the people who make White Charcoal are often from a long line of charcoal makers. Their knowledge and expertise is handed down from generation to generation; the craftsmen know exactly which wood to cut and from where, how to build and control the fire and when to stop the baking process. They use their senses to navigate, observing the smell of the steam and the color of the fire. Although many Asian countries produce Binchotan, Kishu Binchotan is superior due to the potent combination of the best quality Japanese Oak and the generations-old craftsmanship used to turn it into White Charcoal. It is from the last step of this process that White Charcoal gets its name. To quickly stop the burning and trap the carbon the craftsmen roll the charcoal in a soft white ash thereby turning the charcoal, albeit temporarily, white.

After 1-3 months of daily use, your KISHU BINCHOTAN will no longer be active and you can give it back to nature. An excellent fertilizer, just crush it and mix with potting soil where it will add nourishment, regulate the PH balance, and help plants absorb carbon dioxide from the atmosphere.