The Cobra and the King of the Frogs
Found by Kindred Black

The Cobra and the King of the Frogs

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Etched sterling silver cobra with frog.

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1.75” Width
3" Height


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The Cobra and the King of the Frogs
The Cobra and the King of the Frogs
The Cobra and the King of the Frogs
The Cobra and the King of the Frogs
The Cobra and the King of the Frogs


There lived a king of frogs in a big well. Unable to bear harassment by his relatives, the king abandoned his kingdom and came out of the well.

Soon after, he had a chance encounter with a cobra. The Cobra was quite hungry and wanted to finish off the frog. But the frog king, seeing an opportunity, made a deal with the cobra –– "come back to my well to live and you shall never go hungry again". The king thought this was a surefire way to rid himself of his enemies.

The cobra was only too happy to accept the proposal and they left for the well.

Upon their return, the frog king pointed out his enemies and presumed that the cobra would only eat those that he had marked for death.

Some time elapsed and all the enemy frogs were finished by the cobra.

As the cobra was incapable of leaving the well and wanted to feast on the remaining frogs, it seemed that the frog king was trapped in his own murky plan. He was forced to send one of his relatives to the cobra every day to escape the wrath. Finally, a day came when the frog king had to send his son to the gallows. After that, the frog king was the only frog left in the well.

He bargained that he would go to another well and bring many frogs back with him. Though he could not leave the well without the help of the frog, the Cobra assumed that the bonds of their friendship would bring the frog back to the well. However, once he had escaped imminent death, the King Frog disappeared and never came back to the well.

After a long time, when the frog failed to turn up, the cobra sought the help of a chameleon.

“My friend chameleon, you know the frog king very well. Please go to him and tell him that it does not matter if he cannot bring me a frog. Let him come. I cannot live without such a trusted friend.”

The chameleon carried the message of the cobra to the king of frogs but he was turned away –– "who can trust a hungry man?" spat the king.

Cobra was consigned to a certain death in the well, with nothing to do but contemplate his own greed.