Vintage Heart Milagro
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Vintage Heart Milagro

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Tiny vintage Mexican heart milagro – a talisman for luck in love, new love, or to protect the love you've already been lucky enough to find.

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This piece is vintage.
Milagro is approximately 1.25" tall, not including ribbon.


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Vintage Heart Milagro
Vintage Heart Milagro


In Spanish, milagro means "miracle" or "surprise". An ancient custom in the Hispanic world, the use of these tiny offerings is traceable to the Iberians of the coastal regions of Spain between the fifth and first centuries before Christ. Made of various materials, they were attached to statues of saints or to the walls of churches as a reminder of a need or in gratitude for a prayer answered. A heart milagro can have many meanings - it may be used as a prayer for a cure to a medical condition of the heart, as an offering to find new love, or it can symbolize the love that one person feels for another.